Chronic Pain and You

Chronic pain is pain that persists beyond the time of normal healing. Efforts to lessen or eliminate chronic pain may often involve seeing several doctors with mixed results.

Chronic pain affects people in different ways: from depression or feelings of isolation to extreme levels of anxiety, anger or decreased activity.

Some people experience intense pain. They seek compassion and understanding, but often have trouble expressing what they are experiencing to family, co-workers, friends or their doctor.

Pain Management & Spine Specialists has developed a comprehensive Pain Management Program that offers a full range of treatments – from traditional pain relief therapies to the newest, minimally invasive interventional procedures available. These treatments allow our patients to recover rapidly and potentially avoid major surgery altogether.

You should consult a Pain Management Specialist if:

  • Pain persists for more than 3 months
  • You are considering back or neck surgery
  • You have seen multiple physicians without a diagnosis or pain relief
  • You take prescription pain medications on a regular basis